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Pineapple Express: What You Should Know

For those who enjoy no brainer stoner comedy plots, you will definitely love Pineapple Express. The new movie Pineapple Express centers around the tale of 2 stoners – Dale and Saul. Dale (Seth Rogen), is a hardcore weed user who has a love interest here named Angie (played by the beautiful Amber Heard), and he frequently obtains weed from the drug dealer Saul (James Franco). You will find swear words, regular drug abuse, numerous fight scenes, and a wonderful last twist that made the movie all the more funny as well as interesting.

The tale commences on a truly nice, easy and light way. The problem started when Dale pays Saul a visit and he found a new breed of high grade weed they refer to as Pineapple Express. Then Dale visited Ted that same evening, he saw Ted, who is Saul’s boss here (among the bigshot and most dangerous drug dealer) and a law enforcer played by Rosie Perez kill a man. Dale left some tracks as he mistakenly dropped some of his joints at the place of the crime as he fled away in total shock. Saul and Dale knows for a fact that the joint will easily be traced back to them.

Dale pays Saul a visit one more time to examine the originality of the strain of the joint and if it can be traced to him eventually, and truly, the hit men were able to trace the joint to Saul, and this is the point where the two junkies started to run for their lives. They eventually recognize that they are not having hallucinations of some sort, and that Ted’s goons were attempting to track them down. As they try to run for their lives, they went to the forest and get to lose their car as a consequence.

Another party involved is Red played by Dannie McBride, he is the one who revealed their location to Ted’s mob, this ends into a brawl amongst this group and another Asian gang who are attempting to take up revenge for the death of their fellow gang member. Death occurs, and these all occurred at the weed storehouse. A number of people left dead because of this. Physical violence became magnified and both Dale and Saul are considerably immensed with it. All the fight scenes are awesomely choreographed, there were bombs exploding, and a number of gunshots which contributed to a grand and explosive closing.

Written by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen who also takes the star role, Pineapple Express is a well composed and unbelievably funny stoner comedy; it’s definitely expected to make you laugh your head off. However still, it’s also rather touching due to the authenticity in the feelings depicted.

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Mad Men – Main Characters

ImageMad Men is a production of Lionsgate Television Company. It screened for the first time in 2007 in the cable network AMC. This highly successful TV drama is produced by the renowned Matthew Weiner. The current run is the sixth season which premiered in the beginning of April 2013. The TV show is based on the on goings of an advertising firm and its employees and associates. The most vibrant of the characters in the show are Don Drapper played by Jon Hamm, Peggy Olson portrayed by Elisabeth Moss, Pete Campbell played by Vincent Kartheiser, Joan Harris casting Christina Hendricks and January Jones as Betty Drapper.

Don Draper (Jon Hamm)

Mr Drapper fits all the bills of a protagonist, a very lucky protagonist though. How else would you explain him being at the helm of creative direction Sterling Cooper advertising firm? He later becomes a founding partner in Sterling Cooper Drapper Pryce. His is a character the others no very little about. Funny Ask Men think of him as one of the most influential identities.

Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss)

Peggy starts off as a secretary to the Creative Director and later is promoted to a copywriting position. Her character is born in the late 30s and she gets to play the first woman writer in the firm since the World War II. It would have been interesting to see what happens with Peggy if she stuck along long enough because she starts off as an innocent girl with a good dose of determination. She leaves for another firm at some point.

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks)

Joan is a dutiful Office Manager at Sterling Cooper. She plays an ardent manager and looks after the steno poll very well. Under her tutelage, the executives are well tended. She gets into a runaway relationship with her boss, Roger Sterling Jr. which ends badly in Roger’s heart attack.

Betty Draper (January Jones)

Stunning, alluring and beautiful are all adjectives that describe Betty, albeit not aptly though. She is extremely attractive she is however cold, selfish and immature. She deals a lot with Don’s philandering ways and the parenting problems but later realizes that she can walk out of the relationship.

Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser)

Vincent plays the role of a child from the splendid side of life. He however has lots of problems as he gets disapproved by his parents in almost everything he chooses to do, including going into advertising.

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Game of Thrones – Everything You Should Know About Season 2

In the recent times, there have been hundreds of TV series that have premiered on various TV networks across the world. Americas HBO and ANC are the biggest networks in the United States and thus many series producers love to use them when they want to catch the attention of the viewer. Among the most recent developments is the release of Game of Thrones season three. In fact, season three first premiered last week by the time of the writing of this piece.

Game of Thrones - Everything You Should Know About Season 2So what does it really offer viewers? Before we can even talk about the matters related to season 3 and of which I have no good amount of knowledge on, let us first recap Game of Thrones season two. The second season of this epic fantasy series premiered HBO on the 1st of April, 2012 and came to a conclusion on the 3rd of June, 2012.

Just like its predecessor season, season two is made up of ten episodes. The playwright mainly focuses on the events related to a clash of kings. The story is still adapted from the novel; a song of Ice and Fire authored by one George Martin R.R.


TV network HBO ordered season two of Game of Thrones on the 19th of April of 2011 just two days after its premiere. This season got a 15% increase in its budget so as to be able to stage the most important battle in the war. That was the battle of the black water and it occurs in episode number nine.

The filming of Game of Thrones took 106 shooting days. Two crews were set up to work in different settings so as to create and get the story together much faster.


In season two of Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik in Croatia is used in place of Malta for the scenes such as kings landing and in other places as well. The scenes that are set north of the wall were taken in Iceland and specifically on the Vatnajokull glacier in November of 2011. These are some of the most important bits to take note of about Game of Thrones season two.